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In Exhibit 3, the graphic analysis shows a trend line indicating that as the building size increases, the sale price also increases.
A graphic analysis of Walsh's work leads to several observations concerning production strategies that Walsh employed during his first ten years of operation.
Learning to use graphic analysis techniques, therefore, is time well spent by the commercial appraiser and analyst who is serious about the quantitative support of their value opinions.
Based on this graphic analysis, a -6% size adjustment is well supported for the smaller comparables.
And graphic analysis certainly adds another dimension to the understanding of machine performance.
Graphic analysis and review of P&L as well as the contribution to P&L from Greeks, such as Delta, Gamma, Vega and Theta.
This article outlines the basic procedure for creating scatter diagrams, illustrates various practical applications for graphic analysis in the sales comparison approach to value, and identifies possible pitfalls.
The Tracey VFA is capable of performing both complex visual functional analysis and contrast sensitivity graphic analysis as depicted in a point spread function.
Nevertheless, graphic analysis is one statistical technique that can be very applicable and powerful in most market value appraisals regardless of the sample size.
eBizinsights' powerful 3D graphic analysis interface provides in-depth insight into how and why visitors act, where they come from and what they value.