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Being a more complex and variable method of identifying and dating music than the use of plate numbers or imprint details, graphic analysis can be effective only if it is applied to a broad sampling of sources and used in conjunction with other analytic techniques.
Although he would have preferred a commercial software product like ABC because it was flashy and familiar, he wanted to show off Arc as an acceptable substitute for graphic analysis.
Using this graphic analysis, annual and seasonal sales can be projected, base rent adjustments applied, and a reasonable forecast supported.
Some form of appropriate narrative or graphic analysis should be provided to explain items of potentially significant interest or concern.
Optional software modules include SPC/SQC chartin, trending, report generation, historical graphic analysis, and so on.
The company's dedicated systems offer a complete production platform: live slow motion (LSM), super and ultra slow motion, clips creation, fast turnaround editing, production and archive asset management, time delay, multi-camera and multi-feed recording, logging, live graphic analysis, digital transmission, multi-format ingest and play-back, second screen delivery.
It established an easy-to-understand graphic analysis of the billions of conversations and opinions expressed online by consumers, voters, media and thought leaders.
This article outlines the basic procedure for creating scatter diagrams, illustrates various practical applications for graphic analysis in the sales comparison approach to value, and identifies possible pitfalls.
5) Graphic analysis can strengthen logical arguments and enhance the objectivity of an appraisal by allowing the comparable data to articulate "collective market patterns.