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The fully-animated game is delivered entirely over web browser, with no software or download requirements, for an unprecedented, graphically rich gaming experience without the location confines of client games.
com): As cocky and graphically impressive as its print brethren, Wired (in which a recent political story referred to Bob Dole as ``the Bobster''), HotWired provides extensive coverage of Net issues, such as the killing of the Communications Decency Act.
After BONDTRAC subscribers select a list of bonds from the offering database chosen through any combination of state, rating, price, yield, maturity or more than 50 other criteria, the Dynamic Yield Curve graphically illustrates their relative position on a graph of maturity and yield.
TRACE32 analyzes this trace buffer and displays the entries graphically as an event trace list.
As an environmental graphic designer, one of my goals is to give potentially obstructive and graphically invasive elements a sense of nuance and artistry," says Camhe.
MAXIM is used to graphically describe, document, evaluate and refine the basic business processes and organizational structure of a department, business unit or enterprise.
The control chart illustrates graphically a patient's actual wetness status every 2 hours and calculates the average and standard deviation for all patients in the prompted voiding program.
Reflecting WMS' introduction of breakthrough technology, graphically rich video content is projected over mechanical reels to create unique game play, visually-engaging levels of player entertainment and endless winning possibilities.
The application software itself runs on the PC, which allows data to be presented in a graphically pleasing format.
With SuperPaint and HomePublisher, non-technical users can easily create graphically appealing documents, such as invitations, flyers, brochures and newsletters, that look like they were professionally designed," said Mark Myers, product marketing manager for Paint & Publish.
Last month, the two companies unveiled the hardware and software developments needed to sense small-scale melt temperature movements and then display them graphically as unique curves.
Control engineers tune the control parameters in their Simulink model either graphically or by using automated techniques such as PID or LQG.