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The map also graphically illustrated that while in itself large, the area comprised only a small percentage of the entire community.
The fully-animated game is delivered entirely over web browser, with no software or download requirements, for an unprecedented, graphically rich gaming experience without the location confines of client games.
The mathematical model has millions of numbers that must be computed and cannot be adequately understood without being able to visualize them graphically," Wendel said.
s mild disappointment) Sonic Adventure - are graphically so far ahead of the current crop of machines that there is little useful comparison.
Lauterbach's TRACE32 debugger is now capable of reading and displaying ThreadX V5 internal performance and event trace data, both graphically and statistically.
Software for gauging complex profiles can now record and report caliper measurements graphically.
They are simply amazing photographs, photographs that graphically demonstrate both the villainy and heroism of an era.
It has been a definite challenge to graphically marry those grand, traditional Art Deco influences with 21st Century-style renovations.
com): Graphically fresh and clever, the magazine currently features a hysterical photo essay by Karl Baden called ``Can't Sleep,'' plus an outtake from David Foster Wallace's novel, ``Infinite Jest.
The control chart illustrates graphically a patient's actual wetness status every 2 hours and calculates the average and standard deviation for all patients in the prompted voiding program.
Reflecting WMS' introduction of breakthrough technology, graphically rich video content is projected over mechanical reels to create unique game play, visually-engaging levels of player entertainment and endless winning possibilities.
This historical novel departs from the romantic versions of the Battle of the Alamo as it graphically and realistically tells the story from the perspective of immigrants from the north and soldiers from the Mexican army.