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For more information about Graphicly and the Graphicly Digital Distribution platform, please contact sales@graphicly.
Graphicly provides a system to publish and promote content, providing an immersive solution to tell, share and collaborate around story and understand how consumers are interacting with the content.
Studios, Top Cow and IDW Publishing to indie creators from around the globe, Graphicly is the leading story-telling and sharing platform online.
That, though, is difficult to impossible to accomplish with the current online tools," said Micah Baldwin, CEO of Graphicly.
Taking what worked best in the early version of the Graphicly products - the commenting, sharing and the community requests - the company has built the new Graphicly.
It was important that we created the same experience with Graphicly.
The new application features a full storefront from which users can purchase comics, as well as the ability to sync with their current Graphicly comics library (containing comics purchased from Graphicly's desktop, Web or iOS apps), giving users ultimate freedom to read their comics anywhere on any device.
Publishers available on Graphicly include Marvel Comics, Archaia Entertainment, Archie Comics, BOOM