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Finding 3: Students tend to launch into graphs without understanding the nature of the graph and the data they are graphing
The company's award winning graphing and charting solution, Red Rock DeltaGraph, helps researchers, analysts, and managers who work with complex sets of data to collect, analyze and present their findings in a visually compelling and memorable manner.
Rich (1991) studied a group of high ability students who used graphing calculators while learning precalculus.
For a price comparable to other, simpler tutorial CD-ROM software titles, you also get a powerful mathematics software package with numerical, CAS and graphing capabilities.
For example, at least three data points should be included when graphing trends in data.
Graphs of financial information that violate the "rules" of statistical graphing still convey the proper message to readers.
calculators, graphing calculators, and computers) in mathematical investigations and in real-life situations.
and can combine these features with the graphing capability.
BANGALORE, India -- Cranes Software International Limited, a global scientific and engineering software solutions provider, today announced the launch of SigmaPlot 10, the latest version of their market-leading scientific graphing and data analysis software package.
This article considers the ways students use graphing software and the expectations we may have of some commercial products.
These Maple files walk students through the basics of calculus, providing examples that utilize the program's symbolic and graphing capabilities.
0 is the first Palm OS-based application to offer functionality comparable to Texas Instruments' popular TI-83 graphing calculator.

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