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Note in the bar graph above that each detergent gets its own bar.
SigmaPlot provides an easy method for curve-fitting and plotting regression lines and graphs can easily be imported/copied into reports and presentations.
With the PopChart(TM) integration PageScreamer(TM) products will provide options to the user to translate HTML data tables into corresponding compliant charts and graphs.
The Cancer Mortality Maps and Graph Web site is the first federal government site to feature descriptive text linked to the charts and graphs on a large scale.
Whether it's a business that needs to graph ROI figures on the Web for potential customers, or an individual such as a teacher that wants to chart students progress through a program on a school Web site, PopChart Xpress makes the creation of attractive and useful charts and graphs a reality.
PopChart Xpress makes creating charts and graphs simple with PopChart Wizard(TM) a chart designer tool that is similar to a spreadsheet wizard.
CORDA Technologies is the global leader in providing fast, interactive, data-driven charts and graphs and the first company to provide a solution with D-link descriptive text for the visually impaired that is Section 508 compliant.
PopChart (D)(TM) generates charts and graphs from a database with the added functionality of dynamically converting the data contained in the charts and graphs into descriptive text.
Creating graphs continues to be fast with auto-scaled axes, numerous examples, and a full tutorial.
The Heroix RoboMon Reporting & Graphing facility presents views of reports and graphs that can be customized based on the role of the IT professional.