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NASA TV coverage of the rendezvous and grapple of the HTV-5 on Aug.
Grapple Nation is one of the largest grappling competitions in the North of England with a range of divisions for both male and female competitors of varying experience levels.
The acquisition marks further growth for Grapple that in the last 12 months has seen its roster of key clients rapidly expand to include Procter & Gamble, RBS, Barclays and AEG Europe.
Grapple is deployed as part of APS East, which encompasses Africa's eastern and southern regions.
He remembers when Grapple X and at least one other bomb were detonated, and was told by Army bosses to turn around to shield his eyes.
Rockland Heavy-Duty H23 Excavator Grapples are designed for working in severe conditions presented in demolition, rock handling and land clearing applications.
It was a mechanized harvesting operation using one Timbco feller-buncher, two grapple skidders, and three tractor-trailers for hauling.
The proximity to these structures made methods like implosion impossible, says Bailes, so the silos and conveyors had to be taken down manually, piece by piece with a fleet of material handling equipment affixed with specialized demolition attachments, such as multi-processors, grapples, hammers and shears.
But the essays show that a biblical theology must grapple with complex issues of the relationship of history and theology, the shape of the canon that is to be considered, how to find unity in diversity, and the relationship of the Old Testament to the New Testament.
It's now up to Congress to grapple with issues that for too long have been outside public debate.
O] line of bowfishing products, the Grapple Point is available in three models: Grapple 2 (two-barb), Grapple 3 (three-barb), and Gator Grapple 3.