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The new grapples feature horizontal placement of the cylinders, thus creating a profile that allows for effective material penetration and efficient bulk-material handling, according to Cat.
The new grapples replace the GSM25-series grapples and are purpose-built for Cat MH3022, MH3024, and MH3026 wheel material handlers.
The deep-field magnets allow grapple operators to handle scrap and to sweep the work area without changing attachments or leaving the cab.
* Pin and bushing kits are available for grapple interchangeability between machines, allowing contractors to use their equipment fleets efficiently on different job sites.
"The Genesis grapples have been a key element in the success of this project.
The US manufacturer claims that its G310 GC, G313 GC, and the G315 GC grapples will minimise owning and operating costs for its customers.
Manufacturer of grabs, grapples and clamshell buckets for cable, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic operation.
Magnets and grapples remain on the job in those capacities at scrap yards, but they have been joined by growing numbers of hydraulic shears (and on demolition sites, shear hybrids) that also process and prepare scrap to increase its value.
Buckets and grapples are available from Barko Hydraulics; Eurotech; Gensco America, Inc.; LaBounty Mfg., A Div.
In addition to the Zaxis 500, Progress Metals also employed a John Deere Model 270 excavator fitted with a bucket and a grapple made by Allied-Gator Inc., Youngstown, Ohio, for material handling on site.
Triple M's Fuchs fleet uses a combination of magnets, grapples and mag-grapples to handle the scrap metal tonnage.
Grapples are designed for heavy demolition work, land clearing jobs and other tasks requiring maximum clamping, prying and breakout forces.