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It considers beings as grounded in Being, Being as somehow graspable by the intellect on analogy to beings, as made transparently clear by being represented as something - as arche, foundation, whatever.
Sequenced on a computer into a linked set of herky-jerky stop-motion-style animations, the clouds of smoke and showers of sparks--fleeting, ethereal things--are transformed into seemingly graspable static forms.
Using this standard--that it be graspable as a whole--the neglected long story can come out from behind the novel and the appealing short-short to be judged in the light of achieved beauty rather than that of failed economy.
Matmos excel at conveying difficult ideas in a concise and literally graspable manner, always stressing the profound physicality and direct impact of sonic information.
This work is certainly experienced with the eyes, but its true significance is graspable only if the absence of the experience of taste is taken into account.
Anger and rage and desire come with a kind of built-in bipolarity, with goals and objects, with reminiscences of a graspable world.
Architecture thus afforded these critics and their art-world audience a straightforward, easily graspable comparison between "good" and "bad" postmodernism, at a time when such distinctions may have been more difficult to demonstrate in the murky waters of the visual arts.
In Freud's account, uncanny motifs lead from the familiar and intelligible to the unfamiliar and disturbing, but Fritsch's works, in their vivid physicality, lead from the knowable and graspable in the gallery to the all-too-knowable and graspable output of mass-production.
Something pure, geometrically clear-cut, and graspable was solidifying out of liquid incoherence in the beaker before his eyes.
Apparently graspable at a distance, the "big picture" yields on closer inspection to a bewildering, light-absorbing thicket of crazily tangled details.
Even elegantly mapped and surrounded by cues to explanatory systems meant to make reality graspable, the all-too-human passions of Griffin's mysterious figures remain provocatively incomprehensible.
As you get closer, they become less graspable and at the same time begin to generate the illusion of being convex.