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Something pure, geometrically clear-cut, and graspable was solidifying out of liquid incoherence in the beaker before his eyes.
Apparently graspable at a distance, the "big picture" yields on closer inspection to a bewildering, light-absorbing thicket of crazily tangled details.
Even elegantly mapped and surrounded by cues to explanatory systems meant to make reality graspable, the all-too-human passions of Griffin's mysterious figures remain provocatively incomprehensible.
As you get closer, they become less graspable and at the same time begin to generate the illusion of being convex.
From this decision issue surprisingly powerful repercussions; it pressurizes each picture, introduces gravity, literally grounds floating, immaterial hue in what seems like graspable body weight.
Not only did these evoke Jeff Koons considerably more than the downtown show did Nauman, their surfaces were uninvolving and their points quickly graspable.
When Welchman lays out his material, he does so in a graspable way.
That Burger finally furnished a graspable model of the avant-garde to set against Greenberg's was always a prime reason for the academy's interest in his work.
On the one hand, a unified, immediately graspable visual motif has been produced by the unfolding of procedures in stages, and on the other, an apparently complex and varied surface can be created "in one stroke," or at least very quickly.
Perhaps the most intriguing and graspable conflict in the pictures is that most, if not all, of the beautiful gown wearers in the paintings appear to be male.
Yet no author better turns that visceral, protean anger into a graspable representation than Chester Himes.
Translate the negotiations into graspable information and then make sure that translation reaches the people it will affect.