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In order to investigate the time constraints for the binding of semantic and interactive information when a graspable object had to be identified, we carried out two experiments.
My suspicion is that reasons need not be graspable. However, since I think (as will become clear in a moment) the thick account actually is consistent with "the graspable requirement", for reasons I will get to in a moment, I will not argue for this here (11).
In Experiment 2, we explore the hypothesis that schizophrenic patients could have a deficit in sensory-motor simulation during perception of graspable objects, in contrast to healthy subjects.
It is a useful literary tool to manufacture a graspable overarching motif to illuminate the subtle, connective nuances of a multi-pronged tale, and Tobolowsky often uses it to great effect.
The concrete image of the tree, and the crashing through its branches, are both graspable and accessible.
When the CPS re-emerged in 2005 from years of exile activity and clandestine agitation inside the country against the regime of President Bashir, thanks to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), the situation had changed radically and was not anymore graspable with the simplistic opposition between dictatorship and parliamentary democracy.
The front of the slide has been given a graspable recess where the front cocking serrations would normally be located.
Dramatic irony can be a hard concept to teach, but this makes it easily graspable (and hilarious).
The publication includes a series of projects that, as Josep Lluis Mateo observes, are 'based on the local, manual, material, personal, emotional, direct, probably small, graspable in marked opposition to recent paradigms that stress the grand, the global and the generic as fundamental conditions of the project'.
(3) In practice, it seems, the Tartu project to create a "kind of encyclopedia of different, often overlapping and intersecting tropes of Western and Russian anthropology and cultural history" (149) was soon reduced to comfortable, graspable, classical oppositions such as "tradition vs.
For me, comprehension of what Owen says is hampered by a paucity of examples, inclusion of some unhelpful examples, and by the presentation of generalities before particular examples that might cut through all the difficult concept-words to provide the reader with something concrete and graspable on which to build understanding.
It is the way that we reduce the unseen to graspable entities.