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The head is grasped with forceps, crushed and then removed through the vaginal canal.
There are also many pocketsize semiautomatics, which, if carelessly grasped in this fashion, can leave the thumb protruding past the muzzle when the gun is touched off.
The objects in the palmar group are grasped with the forearm in this neutral position.
Note, further, that once one has grasped the meaning of ratio and proportion, the insight readily can be repeated for a range of problems pertaining, for example, to classical Euclidean geometry, coordinate equations of lines, or even production ratios in an economy.
Though he candidly admits to not having read my trilogy on the Powers, he has grasped their focus on overcoming domination.
As his father attempted to douse the flames with a fire extinguisher, Christopher reached through the open driver's side door and grasped Romney, whose clothing was partially on fire.
Even if a foreign body were to be safely grasped and removed from the esophagus via TNE, it would still have to be withdrawn through the tight nasal vault.
He grasped her hand, but it was damp and she fell from his grasp in last October's tragedy.
Sometimes we think we have firmly grasped the truth and the whole meaning of life and then, like a slippery fish, it swims off into the vast sea only to leave us confounded.
And it took three months, but they finally grasped the offense.