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(i) Average number of attempts (ANA): This performance index was used to evaluate the training and it was defined as the average number of grasping trials per object before the subject "learned" to grasp the object, that is, before the object was grasped successfully two times in succession.
A significant difference was also seen in the number of light objects grasped with use of wrist control versus MES control.
Or, in Linear Algebra, once the basic concepts are well grasped by the student, computer programs can be used to illustrate the ideas with systems of equations involving large numbers of equations and variables.
Our conclusion is also supported in neurophysiological studies by Rizzolatti and colleagues, who showed that the same neurones (in monkey area F5) fire both when objects are grasped with the hand or with the mouth (see Rizzolatti, 1987).
The origin of the word displays a hope that this position is "manifest"--literally, to be grasped in the hand.
Image-conscious in the extreme because he grasped his city's diplomatic and military vulnerability in the Neapolitan and Milanese-dominated power politics of fifteenth-century Italy, Lorenzo's construction and encouragement of his myth may be understood as "shrewd compensation for weakness" (x), a response to the "heightened anxiety" (106) which, in the writer's view, possessed contemporary Italian statesmen.
They also never truly grasped what drove the Israelis to deny the very existence of the Palestinians.
The tips of the implants are located one at a time by palpation and grasped from below using the blades of the curved hemostat.
And 1, who sought, found and grasped the height On which no shadows ever fall, now pray With rising expectations of the Light Praise, praise the dying of the night.
The spool must be grasped in such a manner that the steel cord is not damaged, and such that either end of the spool may be selectively loaded onto the spindle.
KEY SPECS: When grasped, the user's fingers naturally rest in the control area.
After a pair had spawned, a lurking male grasped the fresh egg mass and released sperm.