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Frustrated by having to put his plans for next season on hold because of Angel's indecision, Taylor has grasped the nettle and agreed to sign 28-year-old Allback from Dutch club SC Heerenveen.
But someone who's grasped the nettle and concentrated on broadening experience will always be more marketable.
He seemed to have gone backwards as a four-year-old but he really grasped the nettle in the closing months of the turf campaign.
Gaybo grasped the nettle by calling for the issue to be re-examined.
Of course they can't, because even though they took over the franchise a decade ago, they still haven't grasped the nettle of their drivers' olde tyme British Rail contracts.
The Liberal Democrat council has done what previous administrations have been too timid to do; it has grasped the nettle however unpopular it might be.