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kumaras ca kumaryas ca ye proktah skandasambhavah/ te 'pi garbhabhujah sarve kauravya sumahagrahah// tasam eva kumarinam patayas te prakirtitah/ ajnayamana grhnanti balakan raudrakarminah// Those who are proclaimed as Kumaras and Kumaris and who were born from Skanda, they, O Kauravya, are all very great Graspers who are eaters of fetuses.
You thought the Manchester United hierarchy were just a bunch of money-grabbing, empire-building, chiselling graspers who'd sell their gran if they thought they could deck her out in an Umbro shirt and make a profit.
It is an irony lost on Novak, Olive comments, that all of these faults could have been ascribed to commercial graspers, past and present.
We should try to keep the power graspers out of the White House whenever we can, but above all we should drain the bureaucratic swamps that gave rise to Watergate and Indogate.
Instrument Makar's inventory includes hand instruments, graspers, cutters, knife blades, biodegradable staples, and screws.
It is time for new presidential policies that make us all citizens of the world rather than simply graspers of national glory, whatever the cost to others.
The grasping device opens, closes, rotates 45 [degrees] to enter the carton, and the pair of graspers spreads from a 10 inch center distance reflecting the spacing of the spools in the carton to the wider spacing of the creel spindles, typically 12 inches, all done under program automatically.
Listening to them laugh about the brown-nosing graspers, she is overcome with nostalgia for those "lively collegians of earlier days.
Equally it will be useful for a variety of other endoscopic accessories, for example larger dilation catheters, graspers or imaging probes.
Turning a baby around to deliver breech so you can obtain an "intact calvarium" (skull) or being "cognizant of where you put your graspers," going "above and below the thorax" so as to "crush below," "crush above," to "see if I can get it all intact" so that you're "very good at getting heart, lung, liver" as Planned Parenthood's Senior Director of Medical Services Deborah Nucatola says in the first CMP video, seems a clear violation of that policy.
The appendix was identified and manipulated with atraumatic graspers, allowing division of the meso-appendix with electrocautery.
Tenders are invited for Supply Surgical Speciality Items (Gynecology ,Radiology ,Surgery,peadiatric Department)Roticulator graspers.