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Faye Wu would like to take the robot one step further because as of now the robot can only mimic the grasping of a hand, closing in and spreading apart in response to a human's fingers, but the researchers want it to not just control position, but also force.
Modeling parietal-premotor interactions in primate control of grasping.
Finger actuators, embedded in the forearm portion of the glove, supply grasping support for human fingers.
Specifically when people read about a character grasping and holding an object, the area of the reader's brain associated with those actions draws more blood.
Current commercially available functional electrical stimulation (FES) systems such as the NESS H200 (Bioness Inc; Valencia, California) are secured to the forearm and can generate hand opening and closing but have limited application for fine manipulation tasks, specifically the grasping of small or circular-type objects.
This technique assures the required grasping forces, their correct distribution on the surface of the ply, and a sufficient delicacy in approaching the object, due to the cup material and to its special internal shape.
Ambiguous was the decision of Judge Duval as to the ISO form, not grasping at straws.
Since nothing exists in its own right, grasping at anything is to delude oneself.
If his characters try to break that rhythm by grasping at something that looks more like happiness, they are quickly recaptured: The family disapproves, the lover betrays, economic necessity interferes.
This is also found to be essentially true of other aspects of motor development; reaching, grasping, rolling over, smiling and so forth.
Therefore, although basic, grasping proportionality is, evidently, a subtle moment in understanding.
If you're having difficulty grasping this, you're not alone; many facility operators are insufficiently aware of the details of this product.