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The support hand grasp is different, with the thumb pointing downrange.
General Motors and NASA are designing a wearable robotic glove that gives humans a stronger grasp while potentially reducing the risk of repetitive stress injuries.
Then there is the grasping set, which stabilizes the grasp while the hand manipulates or actuates an object.
After devoting his attention, money, and time to his uninvited runaway niece instead of his wife, he fails to grasp why he might be being punished.
The question therefore: "Is the child ready maturationally" to roll over, grasp, creep, crawl, sit up, stand and walk.
Definition: Nominal understanding grasps sensible and/or imaginable patterns (or compounds and associations of sensible and/or imaginable patterns) merely as sensible and/or imaginable.
Definition: Explanatory understanding grasps terms, and connections between terms.
The earlier occurrence of TPA % for left-hand grasps, as apparent from Table 3, was found to be reliable in the corresponding ANOVA, F(1,11) = 7.
A large mean OD was observed for right-handed intermanual grasps (87 ms), whereas all others were within a narrow range (15-46 ms).
For power grasp posture, they were instructed to fully grasp the valve handwheel with the palm contacting the top surface of the handwheel.
In lifting and ambulating the resident, nursing assistants have precious little to grasp in order to facilitate the lift and maneuver the resident.
Moreover, in certain populations of Australian Aborigines, men visiting from neighboring communities pledge their good intentions in a ceremony during which each presents his penis to a lineup of his male hosts, each of whom briefly grasps the genitalia of those men whom he trusts.