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'The grass says to the water: we quiver and we quiver.'"
Perhaps the glide of long railway travel was still with me, for more than anything else I felt motion in the landscape; in the fresh, easy-blowing morning wind, and in the earth itself, as if the shaggy grass were a sort of loose hide, and underneath it herds of wild buffalo were galloping, galloping ...
That was well done to tie a bunch of grass upon his back.
There seemed to have been grass paths here and there, and in one or two corners there were alcoves of evergreen with stone seats or tall moss-covered flower urns in them.
The birds were flying about and twittering with delight, and the flowers were looking up through the green grass and laughing.
There is a hat lying in the grass.' They went forward together.
"We have at least an hour's start of those banditti," said he; "let us lose no time, my friends; gather a quantity of this dried grass; I want a hundred pounds of it, at least."
At the same moment he casually slipped his foot forward through the grass for a matter of several inches.
This grass is more beautiful to me now that I know why it is grass, and all the hidden chemistry of sun and rain and earth that makes it become grass.
Two days and nights he had spent crawling across that belt of grass land.
In the grass at the entrance to her bower she saw the imprint of his body where he had lain all night to guard her.
The grass food, though very good, was not the thing to keep up my condition without corn.