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When ruminants--animals with four stomachs--have too little magnesium in their blood, grass tetany can result.
The idea of breeding a high-magnesium forage grass to combat grass tetany isn't new.
There are so many factors known and unknown about grass tetany that one can never be sure about prevention or treatment.
The mineral element content of spring pasture in relation to the occurrence of grass tetany and hypomagnesemia in dairy cows.
So seeding globemallow along with crested wheatgrass may reduce cases of grass tetany.
Grass tetany is a metabolic ailment in grazing ruminants that has been associated with low levels of Mg in the blood serum (Kemp, 1960; Sleper et al.
Grunes, acts as a clearinghouse for information on an animal disease called grass tetany that is seen all over the United States.
Grass tetany or hypomagnesemic tetany is characterized by low Mg concentrations in plasma or cerebrospinal fluid of cattle that results in reduced milk production of lactating females, reduced weight gain of feeders on pasture, or, in acute cases, convulsions, coma, and death of affected animals (NRC, 1996).