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As the warrior emerged from the forest, Tarzan caught a fleeting glimpse of a tawny hide worming its way through the matted jungle grasses in his wake--it was Numa, the lion.
Indeed, grasses add a fine, often airy texture to container plantings.
This article offers one solution for a great-looking yard with minimal time using native grasses and wildflowers.
It was designed with the environment in mind --planted with native, low-maintenance grasses that required less watering and fewer pesticides than the average course.
In response to the trend of using ornamental grasses not just as ground covers, but also as garden specimens and sculptural elements, this guide showcases more than 100 varieties of grasses, explaining how to place and maintain them.
Ornamental grasses bring beauty, motion, and a soft, romantic look to beds and borders
After a long, snowy winter, it is quite common to see that grasses are under attack by one or more types of fungi.
The endophytes in grasses fight pathogens, explains Keith Clay of Indiana University in Bloomington.
Mix billowy grasses, boulders, and a pond for a natural look