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The Grasshopper jumped only half as high; but he leaped into the King's face, who said that was ill-mannered.
The Grasshopper sat without on a green bank, and reflected on worldly things; and he said too, "Yes, a fine exterior is everything--a fine exterior is what people care about.
God, who often makes calamities subservient to His will, permitted this very affliction to be the cause of the conversion of many of the natives, who might have otherwise died in their errors; for part of the country being ruined by the grasshoppers that year in which we arrived at Abyssinia, many, who were forced to leave their habitations, and seek the necessaries of life in other places, came to that part of the land where some of our missionaries were preaching, and laid hold on that mercy which God seemed to have appointed for others.
He confessed with the utmost frankness and ingenuity that the priests and religious have given dreadful accounts both of us and of the religion we preached; that the unhappy people were taught by them that the curse of God attended us wheresoever we went; that we were always followed by the grasshoppers, that pest of Abyssinia, which carried famine and destruction over all the country; that he, seeing no grasshoppers following us when we passed by their village, began to doubt of the reality of what the priests had so confidently asserted, and was now convinced that the representation they made of us was calumny and imposture.
This labour was much increased by the famine which the grasshoppers had brought that year upon the country.
During our 2006-2008 field research, the Preserve was believed to support one of the largest extant populations of endemic, non-migratory Florida Grasshopper Sparrows (Pranty and Tucker 2006), an abundant breeding population of Bachman's Sparrows, and several species of overwintering and migratory sparrows including Henslow's, Grasshopper, Savannah (Passerculus sandwichensis), Swamp (Melospiza georgiana), Chipping (Spizella passerina), and small numbers of Le Conte's (Ammodramus leconteii), Lincoln's (Melospiza lincolnii), and Vesper (Pooecetes gramineus) sparrows (P.
The grasshopper confirmed that, before saying warily: "Perhaps we ought to get together - some sort of amalgamation.
The company 's prototype Grasshopper reusable rocket took a giant leap for commercial space flight last week when it rose 131ft and landed safely back on Earth, the Daily Mail reported.
The final surprise comes as the grasshopper chooses to jump on the boy's knee, and he wonders, "Did I Catch the grasshopper or did he catch me?
Based on limited surveys during summers and autumns since 1998, we have recorded the differential grasshopper as the most frequently encountered species occurring in urban areas of Dallas, Texas.
Grasshopper Adventures now offers the opportunity to explore this beautiful part of Thailand on the latest addition to their range of adventurous 'Pioneering' cycling tours.