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Disturbance treatment Species Undisturbed Harvest Harvest and Forest Grazing (%) Grass and Grasslike Calamagrostis rubescens 10.
Pasturage--All vegetation, grasses, and grasslike plants, forbs, and the fruits and twigs of trees and shrubs upon which grazing animals subsist.
The second assumption is supported by patterns in mortality observed over the course of the study: mortality was low for all but the youngest plants (those with simple, undivided, grasslike leaves), even in declining stands.
ancistrochaetus, possibly because the grasslike architecture of this species may not shade neighbors to a great extent at the seedling stage.
She coats a side with chia oil (from the seeds of the tall, grasslike chia plant) and then, using a deer-tail brush, she spreads a rock powder called tlalpilole.
Although the aggregations of flowers and bracts in Anomochloa and Streptochaeta cannot be identified readily as typical grasslike spikelets (see below), their flowers are solitary, or at least isolated by multiple bracts of questionable homology to "glumes," "lemmas," and "paleas.
It is a small plant, four to seven inches tall, with slender grasslike leaves and clusters of white or pinkish flowers.
They include native shrubs, wildflowers, grasses, and grasslike plants known as sedges.
characterized by a grasslike seedling stage (Little and Dorman 1952b), and a closed-cone race of P.
The drawings by Mechtilt that accompany Denise Le Dantec's text offer grasslike or spidery traces, pulsing, fragile, mysterious, yet affirming.
Synthetic landscape materials will likely be offered in conjunction with an artificial lawn that will retain its color and grasslike texture.
The seeds, once sown, produce grasslike seedlings that require five years to produce their first flowers.