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Before JWT, Grater served other multinational agencies in the region for six years, managing international brands in the food and beverage, investment banking, and retail sectors.
The Rotary Grater from Microplane is designed to effortlessly grate hard cheese such as Parmesan, as well as chocolate and nuts for garnishing dishes at tableside.
Microplane's box grater features three of the firm's most popular patented grating blades fine/zester, medium ribbon and extra coarse--along with an additional fourth slicer blade
The IITA grater increases processing capacity and efficiency in a simple design that is easy to operate and maintain.
Using a box grater, grate the apples on the largest die and place in a medium bowl.
The grater was a wooden club like a miniature baseball bat, flattened on one side, with the chewing end of monkeys' teeth sticking out of the wood.
As the circuit traveled through them, lights under the colanders and grater dimmed and brightened, while the vibrations of current through metal were amplified, permeating the space with an aural literalization of "grating.
Scholl's Callus Remover, a device that resembles a cheese grater.
Tenders are invited for Led High Bay Light 150 Watts Luminaire With Led , Spun Alumunium, Electrochemically Brigtened Anodized Reflector, Ip65 Protection, Nominal Voltage, 240 Vac,50Hz Luminious Flux 12000Lm, Cri And Gt _ Grater Than Equal To 70, Power Tube And Gt _ Grater Than Equal To 0.
A CONTROVERSIAL new home for the world-famous Birmingham Conservatoire is set to be approved - despite being likened to a cheese grater by some critics.
She added that by morning there's no schmoozing either as his jaw's so jaggy it's like snogging a cheese grater.