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The grates allow rainwater to pour off the road surface, but if they are missing there is always the danger that a cyclist could hit the hole and be thrown off or an unwary pedestrian could be injured stepping into the hole.
Grate Chef had already introduced Grill Wipes, which clean and lubricate the grates of a grill for the ultimate grilling experience, but this didn't help with a grill's exterior appearance," he said.
Thieves have sparked a safety alert after stealing gutter grates in Huddersfield.
Workers also will inspect large, metal grates covering the entry to a 12-foot-wide pipeline that funnels Lake Tapps water into PSE's nearby White River Power Plant.
The continuous grates are made up of a graceful composition of curves and tapered points that interlock to provide stability when you move pans from one burner to another.
manufactures, shreds, grates and markets gourmet all natural Italian variety cheeses under the Suprema Di Avellino(R) brand name as well as under private label.
Grates replaces David Arpin, who has remained with the company to head its national consulting division.
Like all 1998 models, these also include left and right side shelves, a front spice and bottle rack, all surgical quality stainless steel cooking grates, utensil hooks, and delivery fully assembled.
Which countries are supplying iron or steel domestic stoves, grates, and non-electric space heaters excluding kitchen appliances?
DAD Carl Brook has spoken of his anger that two road grates stolen four months ago have not been replaced.
Magnet strength was also a key issue, as the new Grates would be replacing far weaker Rare Earth Tube Magnets supplied by another company.