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New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday ordered a thorough probe into the Bawana plastic factory fire incident that claimed at least 17 lives and announced an ex gratia of Rs500,000 to the next of the kin of the deceased.
At the salvage hearings in Gibraltar, following her recovery, the court's officers considered various possibilities of foul play, including mutiny by Mary Celeste's crew, piracy by the Dei Gratia crew or others, and conspiracy to carry out insurance or salvage fraud.
The Government has given an undertaking to the women involved to keep the amount of the ex gratia payments confidential.
Produced by Sola Gratia Productions in Los Angeles.
The Exempli Gratia Foundation, is rooted in the Latin term Exempli Gratia which literally means "for the sake of example.
She received a statutory compensation payment of PS26k under the terms of the PCPCS [Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme] and an additional ex gratia payment of PS27k.
In any case, in considering ex gratia payments, there could be missing facts - was such a payment offered, was any other offer to settle made?
And three of thesea[euro]"Sola Gratia, Cagpangi and Green Fallsa[euro]"are now attracting tourists who seek out the beauty of water in motion.
by HE-rriyet Daily News The reason for the deadlock in compensation talks between Turkey and Israel is the latter's insistency in redressing the damages of the Mavi Marmara victims as an ex gratia payment and not as a result of its wrongful act, a senior Turkish government official has said.
Summary: The survivors of the US Navy shooting case off Jebel Ali Port last month are demanding a higher payment after the US government offered ex gratia solatium, even as investigations continue.
Australia is one of the few common law jurisdictions that do not have state or federal compensation statutes for exonerees, leaving ex gratia payments as the primary means to seek restitution.
The other three solas were sola gratia (grace alone), sola scriptura (scripture alone), and solo Christ (Christ alone).