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But we're gratified to see that the border largely still remains open."
"The convenient delivery of medicines is becoming increasingly important to both the medical profession and consumers, and we are extremely gratified that Aventis has approached us to address this market requirement with one of its most important products.
From his ordeal in the desert, Jesus is about to launch on a public ministry which, in spite of its fatigue, exasperations, and hardships, gratified his deepest needs and desires.
Characterization is definitely Due's forte and readers familiar with her second novel will be gratified to see old friends like Dawit/David and his wife, Jessica.
Some were gratified and some were disappointed, but all understood and accepted, with the exception of a few half-witted individuals who subscribe to the king-maker theory of journalism.
But the collaborators worked well together, and Salzer was gratified by the results.
Ruskin is not gratified by finding that the fullest weight of his disapproval, is thought to be represented by the weight of one farthing." In truth, he never again enjoyed the authority he accorded himself in matters of art, and he suppressed Fors Clavigera not long afterward.
As a neurologist specializing in multiple sclerosis, I was gratified to read "When MS is Really a Pain" [Summer 1999, p.
We are gratified with the signals from the Bush Administration in this regard.
"We are excited and gratified that they approached us.
She was gratified to note, however, that a few recent decisions may be signaling a change, as the court increasingly acknowledges legal standards set by the "global community."
Archbishop Peers said he was gratified by the positive reaction he received from the U.S.