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Since FDA clearance and launching the product in January 2005, we have been gratified by the increasing number of surgeons in the United States and abroad who are adopting the AxiaLIF procedure as the procedure of choice for their patients," stated Rick Randall, President and CEO of TranS1.
We have been benefactors to the Salvadori Center for the past few years now and members who engage and actually mentor the students come away from the experience enlightened and immensely gratified.
We are gratified at the tremendous reception of our VoIP origination services," said Rodrigue Ullens, co-founder of Voxbone.
We are gratified that Kirkpatrick & Lockhart values the technological and creative expertise for which CMS is renowned," said Michael A.
We are gratified that our concerns about the jury verdict have been addressed by the court," said Randall J.
It's important to protect Iowans from discriminatory practices no matter where they come from, and I am gratified that the legislature has taken this issue up so quickly.
We were gratified by the favorable reactions our demonstrations received at the fair.
We are gratified with the thorough and detailed nature of the judge's ruling.
I am extremely gratified and thankful to all those customers, members of the vendor community, and Pathmark associates who contributed to this worthwhile cause.
We're justifiably proud of the recognition and are gratified by the hard work and dedication of our employees who made this accomplishment possible," said Mr.
We are equally gratified by the fact that our commitment to keeping adult products out of the hands of underage customers has been rewarded," said Bagley.
It was a highly collaborative effort between our Part D clients and the HealthTrans IT team and we are gratified by the tremendous success.