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Gratifyingly, he had been assured by the Food Standards Agency that on the basis of evidence to date: "There is no risk to human health from these incidents.
Phenomenal though these groups are, Wednesday's gig will gratifyingly offer a chance to hear the reedsman deliver an extended session of stretching out, his own saxophones and clarinets completely centre-stage.
But on the other hand, we have been quite gratifyingly successful with developing Porter, and I think some of the earlier lessons learned when we were operating White River Air Services and Austin Airways, and even Air Ontario, now are being manifested in Porter in a more refined way.
Gratifyingly, Golden Nuggets is written in such a way that one can readily follow Dr.
Weinberg has been a cancer researcher most of his academic life, and knows of what he writes, and especially gratifyingly is that he can tell us what he knows in a graceful, lucid manner.
In this study, original articles published in the Journal of Urology in 2006 were reviewed and the incidence of redundancy was found to be gratifyingly low.
Early feedback has been gratifyingly enthusiastic," said Marc Petit, senior vice president, Autodesk Media & Entertainment.
Rich, velvety and spicy with deep savoury fruit and high tannin, it's gratifyingly intense when there's too much horsing around on the stage.
Another of those nice young ladies who occasionally and gratifyingly contact me with offers of new foodstuffs to tempt my palate contacted me the other day and offered me a tempting gastro-morsel.
Virgil Mihaiu, in "Universal Canticle," opens our eyes to how all jazz is one jazz, and gratifyingly made me right when he links Debussy to the Keiths, Jarrett and Emerson, and when he harkens back from the twenties and forward to the present to show time is an illusion but, as with Dave Brubeck, fun as hell to play with.
Don't miss this chance to see all your X Factor faves - Wagner Carrilho murdering The Beatles with a bongo medley of their greatest hits, Mary Byrne (who's using up her annual leave from Tesco to be there - see pages 6&7 for more on her), high-voiced, mopey decorator Matt Cardle, the gratifyingly unpopular Katie Weasel and Cheryl Cole mini-me Cher Lloyd - when they hit the capital.