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The hand with which he held the grating (seamed all over the back with ugly scratches newly healed), was unusually small and plump; would have been unusually white but for the prison grime.
As he said it, he rose, shook himself, scratched himself, tied his brown coat loosely round his neck by the sleeves (he had previously used it as a coverlet), and sat down upon the pavement yawning, with his back against the wall opposite to the grating.
Prentice Knights arose in haste, and marshalling into a line, filed off one by one and dispersed with all speed to their several homes, leaving their leader to pass the grating last.
He missed me because a lantern was flashed into his eyes through the grating.
Excited voices were still raised overhead; but some sounded distant, yet more distinct, coming through the grating from the garden; and none were voices that we knew.
Lieutenant Harold Percy Smith-Oldwick was not only an English gentleman and an officer in name, he was also what these implied--a brave man; but when he realized that the sweet picture he had looked upon was but the figment of a dream, and that in reality he still lay where he had fallen at the foot of the grating with a lion standing over him licking his face, the tears sprang to his eyes and ran down his cheeks.
And so, deliberately and without haste, he rose, clinging to the grating for support.
Athos, when he reached his appointed room, observed through the gratings of his window, walls and roofs; and was told, on inquiry, by Comminges, that he was looking on the back of the pavilion where D'Artagnan was confined.
048-1157-001 steel construction / locksmith steel construction / locksmiths consisting of: Steel outer grates, Grating grating on stilts, Facade claddings made of aluminum profiles, Handrails, Stainless steel railing, Glass railing *** "" embodiment 14.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 7, 2017-Fisher and Ludlow to Acquire Alabama Metal Industries' Bar Grating Assets
Target: Alabama Metal Industries/ bar grating assets
The dielectric material shifts the phase of the light passing through the grating so to change the pattern of interference; the nanoantennas can be designed so that certain wavelengths bend in parallel through a regular grating or come to a focus.