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GRATIS. Without reward or consideration.
     2. When a bailee undertakes to perform some act or work gratis, he is answerable for his gross negligence, if any loss should be sustained in consequence of it; but a distinction exists between non-feasance and misfeasance; between a total omission to do an act which one gratuitously promises to do, and a culpable negligence in the execution of it; in the latter case he is responsible, while in the former he would not, in general, be bound to perform his contract. 4 Johns. R. 84; 5 T. 143; 2 Ld. Raym. 913.

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Los costos de envio de remesas distan de ser "gratis" como aparece en muchos de los carteles de publicidad de las agencias (ver fotos).
Farmers are expected to repay loans to GRATIS over a five year period, with a 35% interest rate so that more of such facilities can be provided.
The free tanker service is a great liability on KWSB basic objective to stop the gratis service is to reduce the financial expenditure on KWSB as well as to facilitate the citizens while the tanker supply will continue on official rates.
(ii) On presentation of an official note by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stating the purpose of the visit, a non-extendable gratis entry visa will be issued within three working days, with a validity of up to fifteen days, to political authorities and officials travelling for specific bilateral purposes or to participate in a conference or seminar.
The gratis period was implemented for documents, which expired in 2010, because of the problems with the system for issuing new biometric identity documents.
A $50 minimum deposit is required to open a Cuenta Latina Gratis account.
Al levantar la bandera del software gratis Brasil puede haber iniciado una rebelion contra un gigante empresarial que podria tener repercusiones en el resto de America Latina.
Gratis registration is provided to AICPA members, and the search process is being offered as a public service to organizations for the foreseeable future.
Insignia was not the lowest bidder for the job, but Nassau officials apparently swayed the firm into doing the work gratis.
Tambien fallo la conexion a Internet gratis; para su suerte, le recomendaron cambiarse de proveedor aunque no lo recibiera tres meses gratis.
En una campana internacional IIamada Cafe's do Brasil, el sector incluye un Concurso entre ninos de siete afios y una solicitud de que las escuelas brasilenas ofrezcan cafe a manera de merienda gratis. Asesores de Ia industria admiten que el objetivo de Ia campana son los 32 millones de escolares brasilenos, ylo justifican basandose en un estudio realizado en Brasil segun el cual los ninos que toman cafe tienen mejores resultados academicos y son menos propensos a abusar de las drogas y el alcohol.
La palabra misma, gratis, es una anomalia: aunque viene de gratia carece de ella, y no rima con nada excepto satiriasis (y eso en asonante).