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Bestowed or granted without consideration or exchange for something of value.

The term gratuitous is applied to deeds, bailments, and other contractual agreements.

A gratuity is something given by someone who has no obligation to give and can be used in reference to a bribe or tip.

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adj. or adv. voluntary or free.

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given or made without receiving any value in return.
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For now I'll continue to be gratuitous in my 441 favoring her over the other choices.
Chief Supt Neil Evans said the officers were subjected to 'gratuitous and sustained violence' in what he described as an 'all too common situation'.
Even if it can be held that the Article 2106 the new Civil Code establishes a rebuttable presumption that the deposit is gratuitous, the presumption can be easily rebutted if it is proved that remuneration is to be paid (for example, depositary' customs or profession rebut this presumption by establishing one contrary).
She said: "It worries me greatly because there is gratuitous violence.
General scenes of gratuitous nudity thrown in now and again?
Jailing him, Judge Rebecca Poulet QC told him: "This was a gratuitous and senseless piece of violence.
I will never support racism or sexism, or religious intolerance in any form; but I cannot support "Charlie" while it continues to create so much gratuitous offence.
"From 2005 to date, Kazakhstan has provided gratuitous humanitarian aid to different countries 56 times for more than $72 million," said Tleuzhanov speaking at the 2nd Regional Ministerial Conference of Emergency Ministries of Central Asian countries within the Central Asia-Japan Dialogue held in Bishkek on September 18, CA-News reports.
As much as "Star Trek Into Darkness" fans might have enjoyed seeing actress Alice Eve in her underwear, the blockbuster movie's writer has admitted that her scene was "gratuitous."
(Zimmerman and Dahlberg, 2008) Ads are increasingly making use of nonsubtle, gratuitous sexual content that may be regarded as being unnecessarily explicit.
NEW YORK -- For the second day in a row, India and Pakistan sparred over Kashmir at the United Nations after Islamabad made "gratuitous references" to it at the world body.
Lip Service BBC3, Tuesday THIS wasn't at all gratuitous, was it?