gratuitous remark

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He did in fact offer her that reassurance, but the expression of support was lost in his altogether gratuitous remark about her status as a single mother.
This gratuitous remark discredits literary criticism that has enlivened and enriched the study and teaching of literature.
And Sarkozy's undeniable success in implementing his labor laws, exemplified by sparse street demonstrations, has been undermined by his irrepressible will to provoke, reflected in his gratuitous remark that "today when there is a strike in France, no one notices it
Woolmer closed his quoted defence with a gratuitous remark that borders on the offensive.
This is a tatty, offensive and gratuitous remark from one of m'learned friends who is laughing all the way to the bank.
He documents Reuther's bureaucratization of the UAW but then throws in the gratuitous remark that Reuther "could never rule by fiat alone.
Trump's gratuitous remarks have now undermined these efforts.
These are not just gratuitous remarks, but comments that betray a Taliban mindset.
In sum, Cook suggests three stages of the Schenker project over the course of his lifetime: first, a call for comprehensive musical reform; second, an attempt at musical and social reform simultaneously, in which a theory of music is a symbol and means of reconciling part and whole, and thus also a theory of organic society; and finally Der freie Satz, with its more abstract, narrow, and schematic approach--a work of music theory, with only gratuitous remarks on society.
Firstly, Dan O'Neill insults the integrity of God with his gratuitous remarks about queue jumping.
Except for a few gratuitous remarks condemning Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, these essays present well-written and compelling first-hand accounts of early American advisers in the field, who understood the issues and problems and thought they knew how to help.