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Bestowed or granted without consideration or exchange for something of value.

The term gratuitous is applied to deeds, bailments, and other contractual agreements.

A gratuity is something given by someone who has no obligation to give and can be used in reference to a bribe or tip.


adj. or adv. voluntary or free.


given or made without receiving any value in return.
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It is about the casual, typically sensationalist and gratuitously offensive rhetoric deployed by @BorisJohnson.
'Let me remind (Datuk Seri) Liow (Tiong Lai) and the other top MCA leaders that Robert Kuok had been the benefactor, and even saviour, of MCA in its trying times, and for them to stand idle while Robert Kuok was attacked gratuitously by Umno leaders would be one of MCA's most shameful episodes.
Reminder of the old Nasty Party NO surprise to learn last week that Dave Cameron counts the gratuitously oensive 'great talent' Jeremy Clarkson as a friend as well as a constituent.
THE Government's ongoing ban on prisoners receiving books from outside smacks of being gratuitously cruel.
Readers weighed in on "Lee Daniels' The Butler," which critic Scott Foundas found simultaneously "gratuitously sentimental and genuinely rousing" ("Whitaker Serves 'Butler' Well"),
If as a truly humane society we could turn our attention from fatuous adulation of the gratuitously over-privileged to remedying that global tragedy in earnest it would indeed be a day for celebration.
famous Manhattans which are she adds gratuitously as always a lot better
Only your sensitivity to light perforates your chances of progressing through the levels, particularly when enemies fight back, but that all makes for the thrill of the chase in an absorbing action title that, while gratuitously gory, has great gameplay credentials.
This has led many a local poet to lie gratuitously about his age, but "Cowboy" Matt Hopewell is made of sterner stuff.
* Glenn Beck is moving his "Restoring Courage" rally next month in Jerusalem from the Temple Mount to an as-yet-determined location; having it at the Temple Mount is seen as making him an assassination target and also as gratuitously provocative and tasteless, although he only cited the former reason.
No-one seems to have thought of writing to criticise the snub which the Queen gratuitously offered to the people of Wales and the Assembly itself.
GPS-navigators will be installed in all police patrol cars, said the member of the public association "Public Safety", Eduard Hrustalev, at a press conference in Bishkek."ElCat company will gratuitously equip the Main Department of Internal Affairs and regional police departments with Internet and GPS-resources.