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In Jakarta, the phenomenon of disappearing graves, in public cemeteries at least, is causing even more grief to families who have lost their loved ones, and gravediggers and undertakers are offering ''new or secondhand'' graves for sale.
Mohammad Nasir , another gravedigger, said: Mixing husk with mud is really a tough job.
When we were kids Ted brought us lucky bags I can't remember if Ted ever smoked "fags" The parties they had large gatherings and Ted's home brew I'm standing here and another gravedigger comes up too These men rally around our Ted's grave And keep it nice with flowers, Ted will be saved
Her elderly gravedigger is querulous, her young people are perky, and her male characters are believable.
According to the record books Frank Cook's career has included being a gravedigger, gardener, postman, brewery hand, schoolmaster, remedial teacher, a cost engineer and a project manager.
Or he reproduces the minute descriptions of the wardrobes of the weaver Mangold, who wore a respectable brown coat, and the gravedigger Laichinger, who wore a more modest gray one, but who, along with his wife, had some items in festive red that suggested a certain disregard of formal convention.
The story is glimpsed as a shifting fabric, with, for example, Ophelia identified with Gertrude, and the Gravedigger and Yorick conceived as one character.
The second and third generations--a plumber, a custodian, a department store manager, a gravedigger, and a state university student--watch as such policies divert resources, moral legitimacy, and political energy from a Democratic Party that once would have been worthy of their support.
This after introducing vehicles with intimidating names like Bigfoot, Gravedigger, Snakebite, Predator, and Carolina Crusher (the last one being a Chevy with the slogan "Have you driven over a Ford lately?
Gravedigger Abu Bilal said: "Death is tough but I can't act normal when I bury a child killed by an Israeli missile.
It seems only natural that the funeral directors would want to sponsor some of the beers when they have great names like Gravedigger.
A local daily quoting a gravedigger in its report said that Indian police personnel brought the girl in a vehicle and handed her over to the gravedigger for burial, KMS reported.