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Two days later, after she has vanished into the swamps with David, Gordon continues to hover around this spot, feeling about him "like an odor that young hard graveness of hers," she who "gone, was as a pipe blown thinly and far away, as a remembered surf on a rocky coast at dawn" (187).
Saddam's decision to engage in a war with Iran could not have been supported or advocated by a foreign affairs minister who was aware of the graveness of shifting geopolitics and who knew that Iraq was militarily weaker and had a third of Iran's population.
The elderly and malnourished patients are more likely to develop complications of the illness, the illiterate patients have prolonged LOS in view of the lack of insight into the graveness of the illness and are more likely to fail to adhere to their dosage schedule.
If the actions described under the previous two articles result in serious health complications for the woman concerned this may entail monetary penalties or correctional labor or prohibition to occupy any position within a year or even deprivation of freedom up until a year depending on the graveness of the health damage caused (141.
The security situation was also tackled, stressing the graveness of this matter in the light of the challenges faced by Iraq.
Mohapatra denied those charges, saying the state government is doing its best considering the graveness of the situation.
Most ecocritics who engage in presentist approaches to literary texts do so primarily because of the urgency and graveness of environmental problems in the world today not because presentist scholarship is easier than historicist scholarship.
Due to the graveness of the result of the devastation by super typhoon Yolanda, individuals, corporations and other forms of businesses may not comply with the provisions of the National internal Revenue Code concerning payment of taxes," he said.
I remember sitting in Bill Kovach's office early on--registering the creakiness of his chair, the graveness and urgency in his voice as he described a journalist's obligation to the public--and wondering if there was still time to apply for a job at Bruegger's Bagels.
for Lebanese political officials to assess the graveness of the situation in the country and sit together at the dialogue table," Rai said.
Commenting on the same subject, Al-Madinah newspaper highlighted the graveness of the recent developments in Mali and its possible repercussions.