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With the backdrop of such graveness of the issue of child labour, this paper aims to make a study on it with special reference to rural parts of Tripura.
The sentence was handed down given the graveness of Lai's offences and "an extremely large amount of money" involved, and Lai as the mastermind should be held responsible for all the crimes his syndicate committed, the court said.
If we want to take Fukushima seriously as a data point--and its graveness makes it apparent that we should--then we should take it as an important case study for what it means to be sustainable in the sociotechnical environments of the 21st century Our accent in this paper has been on the "socio" component of sociotechnical.
In these cases, school members resort to what may be called a "traditional answer repertoire," which includes procedures perfectly identified by students and teachers that rank according to the graveness of the penalty that offenders face.
With this information alone, it would have been difficult to judge the adequacy of the client's response, and some additional factual detail would have been needed to provide the practitioner with information about the graveness of the client's physical condition, the actual requirements for treatment, and the realistic prognosis.