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PREGNANT, pleading. A fulness in the pleadings which admits or involves a matter which is favorable to the opposite party. 2. It is either an affirmative pregnant, or negative pregnant. See Affirmative pregnant; Negative pregnant.

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paragraph]) Of these 6 female worms, 5 were gravid, indicating a male worm either was missed or had died before necropsy.
22) Physiologic hydronephrosis manifests as gradual tapering of the mid/distal ureter due to compression between a gravid uterus and the iliopsoas muscle.
Mosquito species collected in an arbovirus vector surveillance program using gravid traps, Brownsville, Texas, 2009-2013 Aedes aegypti Aedes albopictus Aedes bimaculatus Aedes epacitus Aedes sollicitans Aedes taeniorhynchus Anopheles pseudopunctipennis Anopheles punctipennis Anopheles spp.
16 A negative correlation was seen in the current study between increased gravid and depression.
A variety of persons helped operate gravid traps statewide, including students (Claire He, Ethan Woodyard, Alexis Hines, and Francis Ezeakacha), a health department environmentalist (Anthony Claytor), and mosquito control personnel (Jerry Sykes and Kris New).
Females that had mated were used as gravid females 1 d after the first mating whereas females of the same age deprived from mating, were used as virgin controls.
One possible assumption in that case was reduced circulation in herniated gravid uterus because of avulsion of the ovarian pedicle or an abnormal placental contact leading death and ultimately mummification.
rubra colony was visually monitored, and both the number of gravid females and free-swimming lecithotrophic (i.
The record of gravid females, eggs and young individuals indicated that this population is effectively reproducing locally.