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These new findings from GRAVITAS demonstrate that patients who achieve a low level of platelet reactivity do much better after a stent procedure with respect to subsequent cardiovascular events," said Matthew J.
Gravitas has had an ongoing relationship with New Vernon since the fund's inception, making it the ideal partner to manage all facets of this challenging process.
Gravitas' expansion of its colocation service will offer a solution to even the smallest hedge funds, allowing them to add scalability and flexibility to their infrastructure and operations," said Jayesh Punater, CEO of Gravitas Technology.
The core offerings in the Business Consulting Services division are part of a new paradigm in high-end technology and operations consulting services now in demand in the alternative asset management space," said Jayesh Punater, CEO of Gravitas Technology.
Baker has undeniably hit upon a hot-button topic, but his exploitative approach helps Moore's film assume the gravitas of a PBS documentary; Baker's own work more closely approximates that of a lurid Fox network reality series.
In this painting, Reed really seems to be having it all--humor and gravitas, improvisation and cunning, even the beds and videos.
Mrs Kennedy was widely credited with helping her husband to shed the chat-show politician image of earlier years and develop greater gravitas as a leader.
Don't think: Lipton is wonderful as he straight-facedly lists Tom Cruise's MTV Movie Awards and Blockbuster Entertainment Awards with precisely the same reverential gravitas as he does his Oscar nominations.
Kennedy is working at the gravitas - and on the Frost Programme yesterday he exuded more self-confidence than David Blunkett, who is no slouch.
And he lacks the gravitas and imagination to pull off somber remembrances of slavery or the Holocaust.
Satellite Marketing Communications, producers of the Green Awards says the move by ASDA will give the awards even broader appeal and more gravitas.