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Gravitate and MTI will share in revenues derived as a result of applications using the Gravitate Platform.
To be marketed as a core element of the Gravitate Platform, the total solution will be sold to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and infrastructure providers, carriers and network operators, and application service providers (ASP) or content providers.
The venerable synth-pop pioneers--who last month released one of the best albums in their 15-year career--seem to embody an alienated worldview to which teen and postteen homos gravitate.
Friends did not gravitate to one another based just on similar personalities, Funder found.
It's not surprising they would also gravitate to someone, subconsciously, that would also be a substance abuser.
We have found that a significant number of our New York City clients tend to gravitate toward the Hamptons and Palm Beach for their second homes, and in some cases, their third homes," said Pamela Liebman, president and chief executive officer of The Corcoran Group.
Thousands of high schoolers will gravitate to Six Flags California's Magic Mountain on Sunday to watch and learn as physics concepts come alive in the form of roller coasters.
Percival tends to gravitate toward young relievers, but the connection is a little more poignant with Rodriguez.