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I have since gravitated back to running a commercial gallery (in New Delhi, India), but I seem to be the only one who has done so.
Not surprisingly, Flatiron's fashion retailers such as Club Monaco, Emporio Armani, Banana Republic and Kenneth Cole have gravitated to Flatiron's Fifth Avenue, while Broadway has emerged as a strong home furnishings street, as evidenced by Restoration Hardware, Portico, See and ABC Carpet & Home.
Jhane Barnes gravitated to America's Best Cleaners (ABC) based on its independent Quality Management Certification, backed by the world-renowned Hohenstein Institutes of Bonneigham, Germany.
But he, like many others attending the festival, gravitated to it after learning more about his ancestral roots.
After months of research they gravitated toward the East Village scene of the early and mid '80s, a cultural milieu that both artists had been exposed to as an exoticized and sensationalized U.
As the yield curve has flattened over the past year, borrowers have gravitated to the long-term, fixed rate, nonrecourse hallmarks of CMBS loans, and away from variable rate loans.
They don't want to be labeled as nerds, but we're talking the same kids, only they've gravitated to a darker side to find strength in each other.
Recent innovations within the investment community have certainly gravitated toward enhancing customer usability.
To help pay the bills through college, most of the 1997 alumni gravitated to the sort of jobs common to young adults: retail and wholesale (32 percent), restaurants (20 percent), and the service industry (13 percent).
You're talking about a guy who gave the Rams 10 years of his life, from broken legs and arms to sweat and tears,'' says Johnnie Johnson, who gravitated to a stadium seat soon after his career as an L.
0, we will be able to reach out to designers who have gravitated toward non-windows operating systems such as Mac OS and Linux," states Richard Neufell, ETLS Director of Product Research and Development.