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By contrast, the small community of family, friends, and colleagues who gravitate around Isiban and Marc seem to prefigure the sort of multiracial community that is the stated goal of postapartheid South Africa (the novel ends with a call for "a true rainbow nation").
Jung Institute in Zurich, Not The Big Sleep brings to life complex abstract concepts concerning how the human mind gravitates toward involvement, and even love, in a narrative manner that readers of all background can relate to.
In these scenes of their everyday life in the rough Argentinian countryside and the various fantasies and myths that they act out together, Guille gravitates toward a motherly role while Belinda acts the clown.
"It's not a career choice whatsoever," says Chaiken, "but I think I'm more inspired here, more focused, and can be a more creative person." Rather than chase the latest talent Chaiken gravitates toward people she's known a long time.