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What is clear is that consumers across the board are very sensitive to the impact of gas prices on their budget and are gravitating towards food sources that they view as offering a good value.
Although there are not a large number of deals getting done, capitalization rate decreases are definitely taking place and it solidifies the fact that there is more capital gravitating to the marketplace, especially for operators that have class 'A' properties with occupancies of 90 percent or higher," said Noonan.
With widespread use of 'content peripherals' such as digital cameras and portable MP3 players, the home computer is gravitating toward a more central multimedia role for the average household.
Our survey results show that Americans are gravitating toward their financial institutions' website to pay bills," said Cathleen Conforti, senior vice president of MasterCard RPPS.
We believe owners are increasingly gravitating to management companies that can generate profits regardless of the economic conditions.
Millennium's (NASDAQ:MLNM) developmental timeline for Velcade, its novel cancer drug, is on track and investors are gravitating to its story.
Life and health insurers have been steadily gravitating to the richest end of the market, says a new book about how insurers can reclaim the middle-income market.
However longer-term we are very bullish on the drug sector and believe investors will be gravitating towards this group given the earnings stability.
In the search for talent, companies are increasingly taking a targeted approach, gravitating toward sources that can produce qualified candidates.
Global carriers are gravitating toward open network architectures and with the V5 standard they can cost-effectively mix and match equipment from a variety of vendors as they build new networks and deploy new services," says John Farnbach, vice president of marketing for Aztek Engineering.
The classically trained Shur made his way to New York from Cincinnati 10 years ago; ultimately gravitating towards the acid-jazz/hip-hop underground that later rose around the now legendary Giant Step nightclub.