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Applying least square method, "partial and temporary unified gravitational theory so far" can be expressed in the following form of "partial and temporary unified gravitational variational principle so far"
Earth Flyby Anomalies Explained by a Time-Retarded Causal Version of Newtonian Gravitational Theory.
Newton had suggested that, on the basis of his gravitational theory, the Earth ought to be an oblate spheroid and have an equatorial bulge, because it was rotating (see 1687, Universal Gravitation).
16) Therefore, the theoretical framework is no longer a proposition belonging to the deductive structure of Newtonian gravitation, but is one of the principles of the new Einsteinian gravitational theory.
Numerous applications, including the gravitational theory developed by both the Berwald-Mor metric and the Chernov metric, are also presented.
astronomer Vera Rubin and her colleagues found that stars far from the center of galaxies were moving as fast as those near the center - a phenomenon that violated Newtonian gravitational theory.
Projects selected include: using a geochemical clock to predict volcanic eruptions, exploring the effects of Dark Matter and Dark Energy on gravitational theory, checking responsibility, liability and risk in situations where tasks are delegated to intelligent systems, and investigating the role of genetic and environmental factors in embryo brain wiring.

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