gray area

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Much of the controversy developed in the field of melanocytic tumors has been because morphology has not been adequately separated from biology, confounding and overlapping the morphologically gray area (objectively observable) and biologically gray area (hypothetical).
Ten years ago, gray area marriages were defined as marriages lasting between five and 20 years.
green area maintenance, Path and gray area cleaning in the area of degewo customer center south.
A gray area frequently occurs with respect to moral questions for which clarity is not immediately obtained as, for example, in current discussions about certain reproductive technologies.
The judiciary, however, has fashioned a gray area for "commercial speech.
There are some techniques in direct marketing that go even beyond what a colleague used to call the "black side of the gray area.
ARSC will develop guidance that encourages practitioners to avoid presentations that fall into the gray area between a financial statement and a trial balance.
The question of which federal agency has jurisdiction over an individual genetically engineered product or process is yet another gray area.
Contract notice: services for green area maintenance and gray area maintenance for four offices in berlin, (voek-160-17).
Ratliff quietly casts shame upon the walking dead of Trinity by allowing for gray area and trusting that his audience is keen enough to know a flimflam when it sees one.
For these owners, the short-term solution is becoming optimum maintenance, the definition of which often falls into a gray area of the difference between repair work, which is included the maintenance fee, and renovation, which is not.