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Earlier research suggested that loss of these stem cells was to blame for grayness.
The main chorus sang decently; the children's chorus sang superbly, and with a gusto that momentarily brightened the predominant grayness of the costumes, set, production and performance.
They have lost their romantic dimension, their "blue horizon," fading into a sad grayness that resembles the polluted atmosphere of everyday life.
To the Editor: I have chided you before for the unremitting grayness of your publication.
These counts result from enumeration of the peaks (described earlier) in the intensity profiles at grayness intensities of 25-140 for 24 ocean quahogs from 22.
If some people are dismissive of Qaddafi because of his style, it's their loss as they simply don't get it and are too entrenched in their mental strait-jackets of conformity, grayness and the indoctrination of the "official" narrative.
She describes how Iranian women routinely combat the ambient grayness imposed by the regime by wearing colorful chador designs revealing far more than they are supposed to.
But, like a rainy day, the grayness of it all still seeps inside.
The sizes of the dots are precise and within specifications; however, the grayness of the 16 dots may be lighter than the grayness of the square at the edge of the plates.
Snow gives the grayness of winter a fresh, clean look.