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This forest cover type is valuable as grazable woodland (Bedell, 1998) that provides multiple uses (grazing by livestock, protection of watersheds, biodiversity, aesthetics and recreation, habitats for wildlife and fish).
Rangelands do not include forests lacking grazable understory vegetation, barren desert, farmland, or land covered by solid rock, concrete and/or glaciers.
Jordan is currently ranked by the United Nations as the second-water-poorest country on the planet, behind only Bahrain, while increasing desertification due to over-grazing and improper irrigation techniques has reduced its grazable lands by 70 per cent in the past three decades.
Indeed, downstream of urban Tecate, 90% of the land area that drains into Tecate Creek or the upper Alamar River, is either undeveloped or open grazable land, with industrial, commercial, and residential land uses (combined) only comprising less than 2% of the area (Table 2) (Tijuana River Watershed GIS database 2000).