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The objectives of this modelling study was to investigate the i) effect of increased herd sizes on walking distances and MI and establish their relationships with MY and economic consequences; and ii) impact of grazeable CFS in reducing walking distances, MI, MY, and loss/profit in pasture-based AMS.
7 t DM/ha, as 'high') and 2 rates of grazeable CFS (0, 30%) were investigated.
Impact of grazeable complementary forage system on walking distance and milking interval, milk yield and economic loss
Angharad Evans, the Trust's Campaigns Officer in Wales said: "This whole problem could be avoided if the Welsh Government amended its regulations to recognise that clusters of trees with grazeable herbage under the canopy are eligible.
These are: i) maximising pasture yield to the highest potential; ii) increasing the dry matter (DM) grown per ha through the use of alternative grazeable forages such as incorporation of a complementary forage rotation (CFR); and iii) supplement cows using purchased feed or feed conserved greater than 1-km from the dairy.
Increasing HGF yield per ha past this level rely upon alternative grazeable forage crops.
Thus there is a good prospect of APSIM to be used as a tool to screen forage options that can supply grazeable forages for a large herd (400 to 800 cows) throughout the year in an automatic milking system (AMS) dairy.
The potential exists to minimize average walking distances if the volume of grazeable forages grown in close vicinity to the dairy is increased.