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These plant species were grazed by the animals at that time when ephemerals were not available in the desert during a drought period.
The council has issued a plea to horse owners to ensure they are not illegally grazing and spoken of the difficulties finding homes for animals due to the high numbers being illegally grazed or abandoned.
Two-thirds of the bird's habitat consists of federal land, and nearly all of it is or has been grazed at one time.
Paddocks were generally grazed January through May using cows calving between January and March -- cattle on and off dates, stocking densities and paddock rotations (table 1) were made at the discretion of the site manager based on factors such as drinking water availability, forage availability and cattle conditions (i.
Biomass (Hart and Ashby, 1998; Hart, 2001) and bare ground were greater in grazed areas and grazed areas accumulated less litter (Hazlett, 1992).
Native grasses evolved being grazed (by elk and bison) and are healthiest if grazed during their growing season, but were grazed by wandering herds that grazed them once or twice in a season and moved on.
Up until the recent cold snap, there has been steady grass growth this winter, meaning that many fields that were last grazed in October are now carrying fairly decent grass covers of around 2400kgDM/ha.
2001 on grazed versus ungrazed grassland plots paired across fencelines separating cattle ranches from a 32 y old livestock exclosure in southeastern Arizona (Jones et al.
bottae) in 21 grazed and 21 ungrazed montane meadow sites in the central Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.
One of the 3 catchments (C3) was grazed continuously over the study period with a constant stocking rate of 1.
Intensely and moderately grazed areas were compared to each other and to a previous investigation involving an ungrazed pasture dominated by introduced Japanese brome (Bromus japonicus).