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The first three sped their shafts, and while they were fair shots they did not more than graze the inner circle.
So then, I will give you this lyre, glorious son of Zeus, while I for my part will graze down with wild-roving cattle the pastures on hill and horse-feeding plain: so shall the cows covered by the bulls calve abundantly both males and females.
Here the poor jaded horses were turned out to graze, and take their rest: the weary journey up the mountains had worn them down in flesh and spirit; but this last march across the thirsty plain had nearly finished them.
Ponta's right drove straight out, and the graze was repeated as Joe ducked into the safety of a clinch.
When a ruminant grazer, such as a bison or a cow, grazes a plant's nutrient-rich top, the plant responds by sloughing off enough root-tip to rebuild the plant's top.