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It was grazing away from us and had not seen us when one of my men called my attention to it.
The horses were grazing close to the edge of the forest in which Nobs and I were concealed, while the ground between us and them was dotted with clumps of flowering brush which offered perfect concealment.
It looked for a moment as though my last hope was blasted; but presently their fright, if fright it was, passed, and they resumed grazing again a hundred yards farther on.
It was like listening to an animal grazing pasture-grass at night and ever grazing nearer.
Then Hermes made designs on Apollo's herd of cattle which were grazing in the same place as the cattle of Admetus.
So at least it seemed to Vronsky, just as it seems to a man with a sore finger that he is continually, as though on purpose, grazing his sore finger on everything.
The council is piloting it at Cleadon Hills Local Nature Reserve as grazing is considered a more effective option than grass cutting alone because it produces a more diverse environmental result that has greater benefits for wildlife and flowers.
HORSES seized after being left illegally grazing in Northumberland are being destroyed due to their owners' failure to reclaim them and lack of available homes.
WELSH lamb producers ought to follow the lead set by dairy farmers and embrace rotational grazing, an expert believes.
The act of dividing pastures into separate, small areas and grazing horses that way comes with a multitude of benefits.
As a result, commercial cattle grazing is by far the dominant land use, by area, over much of northern Australia, occupying 2.
THE key to successful grazing is partnership, which is dependent on having a trained herd manager and a trained cow.