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Kawamoto and Ikeda studied the greater petrosal nerve function in BP/Ramsay Hunt syndrome patients by means of Schirmer's tear test and soft palate electrogustometry (EGM) [22]; in their study EGM appears to be a more sensitive method for testing the function of the GPN; the results of lacrimal function test were more closely related to the severity of and prognosis for facial paralysis than the results of EGM.
The parasympathetic division of cranial nerve VII supplies fibers that contribute to the greater petrosal nerve (which supplies the lacrimal gland), the lesser petrosal nerve (which supplies the parotid gland), and the chorda tympani (which supplies the submandibular and sublingual glands).
The parasympathetic or secretomotor component (greater petrosal nerve from SG) comes from the upper salivatorius nucleus having fibers which are shared with the facial nucleus (intermedius nerve).

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