greatest amount

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Out of this pack-persecution he learned two important things: how to take care of himself in a mass-fight against him--and how, on a single dog, to inflict the greatest amount of damage in the briefest space of time.
I now come to that one of the incidents in my life which seems to have excited the greatest amount of interest, and which perhaps went further than anything else in giving me a reputation that in a sense might be called National.
The two exhibits in this department which attracted the greatest amount of attention were those from the Hampton Institute and the Tuskegee Institute.
It is easy enough for bull-headed clowns to sneer at nerves, but the highest natures are not necessarily those containing the greatest amount of moral brass.
Which contain the greatest amount of Science, do you think, the books, or the minds?
All my will was concentrated on breathing--on breathing the air in the hugest lung-full gulps I could, pumping the greatest amount of air into my lungs in the shortest possible time.
The truth of the principle, that the greatest amount of life can be supported by great diversification of structure, is seen under many natural circumstances.
This time he went to work more carefully, and feeling with his fingers for a match with the largest head and the greatest amount of phosphorus, lit it at the first try.
They who strew the Eternal Path with the greatest amount of brimstone, and who most ruthlessly tread down the flowers and leaves that grow by the wayside, will be voted the most righteous; and they who enlarge with the greatest pertinacity on the difficulty of getting into heaven, will be considered by all true believers certain of going there: though it would be hard to say by what process of reasoning this conclusion is arrived at.
While noting that Ford still has "a lot of room" to improve its performance compared to peers, Jonas raised his underlying earnings forecasts "by the greatest amount in nearly five years" and noted that he thinks estimates may have bottomed.
In contrast, those participants who consumed the greatest amount of whole grains, vegetables, fruits and dietary fiber had the lowest risk for depression.
By contrast, rent prices have fallen by the greatest amount in Colchester, Croydon and Brighton compared to 2013, with rents on new rental agreements 24%, 23% and 18% lower respectively in 2014.