greatest degree

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References in classic literature ?
I was calm for some time; but the greatest degree of forbearance may be overcome, and I hope I was afterwards sufficiently keen.
The greatest degree of rational consistency could not have been more engaging, and they talked with mutual satisfaction.
And the greatest degree of evil-doing to one's own city would be termed by you injustice?
Oh, I am aware of that," said Madame de Villefort; "but I have a passion for the occult sciences, which speak to the imagination like poetry, and are reducible to figures, like an algebraic equation; but go on, I beg of you; what you say interests me to the greatest degree.
the goal of the study is to adequately fund the wastewater and recycled utility operations and capital costs while minimizing rates to the greatest degree possible.
Financial Tracking Technologies, LLC, has achieved its 11th consecutive year of growth in 2015, a reflection on its focus on compliance technologies and the ability to limit exposure and minimize operating costs, and ensuring the greatest degree of compliance, the company said.
Results show that the subjects with knee OA and insomnia had the greatest degree of central sensitization compared to the controls.
It is so simple that a child can understand it, yet it condenses the deep and marvelous truths of redemption into these few pungent words (by Paul Lee Tan, Encyclopedia of 7700 Illustrations): GOD -- the greatest Lover SO LOVED -- the greatest degree THE WORLD -- the greatest number THAT HE GAVE -- the greatest act HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON -- the greatest gift THAT EVERYONE WHO BELIEVES -- the greatest humility IN HIM -- the greatest Person MIGHT NOT PERISH -- the greatest deliverance BUT -- the greatest difference MIGHT HAVE -- the greatest certainty EVERLASTING LIFE -- the greatest possession
Foreign Office Director for the Americas Kate Smith said: "Mexico and Colombia are among our close relationships and the ones which we have the greatest degree of like-mindedness across a range of issues.
Also, the greatest degree obtained by the first author's is Ph.
Individuals who have outdoor lifestyles, live in sunny climates, and are lightly pigmented will experience the greatest degree of photoaging.
On the surface, an electricity contract that locks in the entire load at a fixed price seems to give the greatest degree of budget certainty and the greatest degree of cost control.