greatest size

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Of the 12 Brazilian multilatinas, the three with the greatest size and global presence have another common characteristic: all three began, developed, and consolidated as state-owned enterprises.
J waves, so called because of their location at the junction of the QRS complex and the ST segment, are common (3, 4), may be large in early repolarization, and reach their greatest size in hypothermia, when they are called Osborn waves.
CORT: "Being in front of the largest gathering of apartment professionals in one place enables service providers the most cost-effective way to reach the greatest size of audience.
Giant pandas have one of the greatest size differences between parent and baby of almost any animal.
CIC provides the greatest size, depth, and scope among free online destinations," said Roger Neal, general manager of BusinessWeek.
Lake Bonneville was about the size of the Great Salt Lake 28,000 years ago, reached its greatest size 15,000 years ago, then rapidly shrank from 14,500 to 10,000 years ago.