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The reasons could be that CEO greed may damage a company's reputation, spawn distrust by employees and shareholders, and lead to lousy decision-making, he explains.
Reasonable self-interest is good; greed is eventually self-destructive.
You can't just blame corporate executives," for the greed among some of them, says Rockefeller, adding that trying to keep the stock price up on a day-to-day basis "puts great pressure" on CEOs.
In the book, states McQuaig, Polyani makes the point that unbridled greed and the `endless pursuit of material gain' is a phenomenon that has only recently been seen as a central characteristic of the human personality.
Pike argues that the first generation of these linajudos, many of them patrician and themselves lacking "pure" ancestry, acted as much from personal motivations as from greed, but that later practitioners considered their activities primarily as a business.
Capitalism is entirely dependent on both greed and envy,' says Craig Newnes, a clinical psychologist based in Shropshire.
Further, what is being measured as fairness may better be seen as the basis for envy and greed.
When it comes to greed, the pharmaceutical industry has been overdosing for years.
In the provocative Pigs at the Trough: How Corporate Greed and Political Corruption Are Undermining America (Crown Publishing Group), conservative columnist Arianna Huffington denounces shady management at large U.
But it wasn't always so: Wade Rowland traces the origins of such greed to Rationalism which decreed nature something untamed, to be controlled.