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But sports owners and the leagues are some of the greediest people you will find, and they will take and take and take and take.
The children of the Greatest Generation came off as the Greediest Generation.
After all, even the greediest, most polluting evildoer wants food that won't cause cancer and a sparkling clean Beach for her children.
Truly, Hollywood has nothing on this blitzkrieg of severed appendages and broken bones, which threatens to overdose even the greediest adrenaline junkie on blood-spurting, visceral thrills.
Hollywood has nothing on this, which threatens to overdose even the greediest adrenaline junkie on visceral thrills.
Telman8 Allowing commercial sponsors to brand a public library is distinctly not new - there was a cracking row four years back when one of the greediest of all greedy hedge fund folk stuck his moniker on New York's biggest library.
Sheffield's longstanding title as the greediest Bags bookmakers in the land is coming under pressure from Yarmouth
Will we go down in history as the Greediest Generation?
And in the greediest economy on the planet, 32 teams owned and run by some of the biggest and wealthiest perpetrators, everyone from Henry Ford's great grandson to the co-founder of Microsoft to the owner of Home Depot, they all sit down and agree that for the good of their sport, it's better that everyone gets the same slice of pie.
IF THERE were any doubts that Cyprus Airways pilots were the greediest and most selfish group of workers in Kyproulla, they were dispelled this week, when the court news was reported.
They have good reason, having invested greatly in very high definition, the greediest of radiofrequencies available in normal terrestrial digital television.
She also took exception to being included in an international newsmagazine's list of the world's greediest people in history.